Post Holiday House Cleaning for South Florida

South Florida  – Let us clean up after your holiday events or parties in South Florida.

Here are some expert tips on cleaning your house after the holidays.

Once the holidays have passed everyone takes a sigh of relief. Then you’re plagued with the difficulty of cleaning. Those fun-filled mornings full of relatives and pets have surpassed us once again leaving behind a trail of pine needles and wine stains. But no fears here are a few tips that’ll help bring you back to reality.

Candle Dripping Overload is one area that no one likes to clean. Since they are a favorite decoration during holidays, you may have had an opportunity to clean wax a-la-mode topping your carpet. Here is an easy way to remove wax from the surface of your carpet even after the company has left.

Take an iron and a brown paper bag. With a hot iron, place the brown paper bag over the wax then take your hot iron and hold it on the bag till you see the wax absorb through the paper. Once the candle is lifted, squirt the floor with carpet cleaner. Then use a towel and hold over the wet area till absorbed. The towel will remove any of the wax spilled onto the rug but be cautious not to set the iron on the carpet.

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Red wine and coffee stains are common after a house load of guests has evacuated the premises. Do not use salt. Salt can discolor surfaces and material. By using a lukewarm rag and some dish-washing liquid you can get most spots out.

You can start out 2016 with a clean new home by cleaning up your grout. Clean grout gives your home a fresh new look. Use Baking Soda and a Vinegar mixture to clean the grout quickly. Make the baking soda as a paste using a little bit of water then scrub into tiles with a course brush. Once you’ve completed a section of baking soda, then pour vinegar over the area. The vinegar will cause a bubbling effect. Then use a rag to soak up the mixture and once the floor is dry use a vacuum to get the excess baking soda.

Clean your carpets and make the first of the year your designated time of the year to do it. If your floor has more traffic daily, then you’ll want to sweep more often. By cleaning your rugs regularly, you will be keeping your family in better health. Mold and mildew are common in places where there is a lot of humidity. If you live in a place like Florida, your rugs will need cleaning at least once per year.

By making the first of the year be your Deep Dive Cleaning time of the year, you’ll have a sparkling new year to enjoy!

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