Top 9 Household Cleaning Items You Should Always Have Around

9 Household Cleaning Items You Should Always Have Around

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You probably have your favorite cleaning products for everyday use.  We’ve got a few of our own that we think every household should keep around.  Here is a list of the nine favorite products that we like to use and why we like them.

Eraser Sponges: The pads are made from a couple of different manufacturers. We like to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  This little sponges are super powerful and can get out some tough stains.  Try these to get out stains stuck to your bathtub.  Even grease is not a match for these little square Eco-friendly sponges.  You can get more than one use out of them but once the sponge starts to shrink its time to toss it. If you haven’t discovered these yet try them, you’ll be impressed.  Suggested use: Clean tennis shoes or vinyl and hard surfaces.  Not recommended to use with cloth.

Dryer Sheets:  Dryer Sheets can do more than make your clothes static-free.  Keep dryer sheets in your gym bag and gym shoes to make your tote smell better.  You can also add them to your lingerie or pajama drawer for more scent induced clothing. The other thing that these little sheets are good for is taking out static in your hair.  If you rub your hair with the dryer sheet while it’s dry, then you’ll notice that flyway’s and standup hair will get back to their place.

Glade Plug-ins:  Everyone has their favorite solution to making your home smell good.  We love the Glade Plugins since the scents last for a long time and are powerful.  They also have a variety of different flavors.  There’s nothing better than to walk into a welcoming aroma when you first get through your door. A second choice would be Bath and Body Works and their flower shaped air plug in’s.  These also last for a long period and have a long lasting device.

Simple Green:  Is an all-purpose cleaner. It’s a degreaser, it’s nontoxic, and you can use Simple Green from everything including the floors and your pots and pans. The other thing that’s great about this cleaner is that it’s powerful enough to be used on BBQ grills and car engines.  Now that’s a cleaner!

Murphy’s Oil Soap: Made of oil soap, this is cleaner is ideal for surfaces made of wood.  The manufacturer recommends testing the area first before using it on the entire cabinet. Test every couple of months since time wears on wooden surfaces.  If your cabinets or wood flooring need re-finishing, then you’ll want to refrain from using this product.  Repair the surface first.  If you can use this product, the benefits are wide.  Things like crayon and wax stains to chewing gum can be easily removed with this product.

Bleach: This product is not only inexpensive it’s the #1 product for sanitization in both Hospitals and Restaurants. Bleach has a tendency to make everything sterile.  If you have an ill person in the home, it’s a good idea to wipe down your surfaces and sheets with bleach.  Bleach will allow you to have extra strength for your cleaning arm.

Household Vinegar: This household cleaning product doesn’t seem to get enough love.  This product is great for cutting grease on surfaces like computer keyboards. Pour a little vinegar onto a paper towel then wipe your keys. Don’t pour directly onto the keyboard. Scissors can become gunky with sticky junk.  Using this natural de-greaser, you’ll be able to clean the blade with no problem.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is incredible and has many uses.  To clean grout, you can mix a small amount with water making a paste then rub it onto the surface.  Once the paste covers the area, take a spray bottle filled with household vinegar and spray onto the surface.  It’s okay if it bubbles. Scrub the area until it looks clean. Use wet rags to soak it up products. Once dried, sweep up with a vacuum.


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