Boca Raton House Keeping for Home Sellers

If you are selling a house in South Florida, let us make your next open house your last open house for that property listing.


There are several steps to the process of selling a home. If you’re selling or working with a Realtor, you’re making sure everything looks appropriate for your next open house. By burning some candles or using plugins and cleaning a few key areas your chances of selling will be greater. Few people enjoy visiting an older home that’s full of dust and dirt that smells funny. Here are a few tips that will help you get your home “buyer” ready.

Clean and dust your baseboards. The lower wall is an area that even the tidiest people can sometimes forget. By running a hot cloth with Simple Green along your baseboards you can improve the look of the home. When people see that there is a lot of grime, it’s a turn off so take a few extra minutes and wipe them down.


Selling a home in Boca Raton, Palm Beach or Broward County? Take advantage of our house cleaning services make your property look presentable. 

Clean your windows. The first thing you see when you walk into somebody’s dining room is there windows? Windows that are dirty, dusty have a tendency to make us think the home is old and outdated. You want them to have a pleasant visit. Wipe down your blinds, remove curtains and have them dry-cleaned, and wash your windows. By cleaning your windows before a showing, they’ll feel more confident someone cared for the property, and you’ll see more interest.

boca raton home cleaning realtorsThe floors should be vacuumed and mopped before the doors opened. Don’t be afraid to ask people to leave their shoes at the door. Asking them to take off their shoes is a respectful gesture. You can pass out booties purchased at medical supply. Wearing socks are okay too. Make your guests think higher of your place, it will keep your washed carpets looking good for your next open house.

Clean the bathrooms and leave sanitizer in the toilet or use a plugin. Homes that smell good give us a nice feeling. By plugging in a mildly scented freshener, your home gives a special vibe that’s more pleasant. Helpful for homes that are vacant and closed a nice smelling house is welcoming.

If you’re packing, then use a staging area such as a garage or spare room. Keep the majority of the home from being cluttered with boxes and debris. Messy houses can ruin a deal. Try to picture what the buyers can see, and if you would buy a home that was in shambles.

Doormat and front landing are by far the first impressions made. If the lawn is long, hire someone to cut it. If there are repairs that needed like wall fixtures, holes in the wall, etc., take care of it. They’re not buying a house; they’re buying a home. Help them feel welcome and see how many bids you get.

Best of wishes.

If you notice troubled, more challenging areas call us for extra information.

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