Pet Bloopers and How to Fix Them: Tips from Palm Beach Cleaning Services

Pet Bloopers and How to Fix Them: Tips from Clarity Fresh, South Florida’s Premiere Cleaning, Housekeeping and Maid Services

The National Council on Pet Population claims 70-80 million people dogs in the United States and 74-96 million are cat owners. With that being said, it’s quite easy to guess that if you’re one of those many people raising a dog, cat or both, you spend time cleaning up after your pet.

Trouble is your dog or cat will not always wait for the housekeeper or maid to show up before they make their cute little messes. Worse yet, it always seems that our little fur babies enjoy making a blunder just before the guests arrive. On top of the unexpected guests, our animals can be a handful when it comes to cleaning our homes.

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Between food on the walls or a little tinkle that leaves a stain on the rug, it’s hard to keep up with the critters. Here are some cleaning tips that will help you keep your home looking it’s best between housekeepers, visitors and “FeFe”.

icon71. Pet Urine and Feces: Immediately clean after an accident happens. The longer the mess is there, the quicker it’ll absorb into the carpet or padding underneath creating a long lasting odor and smell. Use Paper towel or an old thick towel and blot up as much of the stain as possible. Then use a floor cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle or Urine Off found at your local pet store. Don’t use Bleach or Ammonia because our pets are attracted to that and will have another accident in that same area. Buy a floor-cleaner specific to pet accidents. Another issue here is many pets can have an allergic reaction to cleaning products. Then train your pet. Accidents will happen, but training is essential. You can train a dog at any age. The cat may be another story.

2. The eating areas where your pet has their meals can be a rough area to keep clean. Make sure that you use a towel under their dishes to prevent the floor from staining. If their dish up against a wall or cabinet, you’ll want to do what you can to prevent the food from attaching to the surface. It might be good to have some back-splash that is easy to clean, or that food won’t stick on. If the wall has paint, then use a semi-gloss paint that’s oil free. Semi-gloss paint has a cleanable surface.

3. The sliding glass door is one of our friend’s place to rest their snout or smack things around with their paws. It’s also one of the spots in your house the hardest to keep clean. If you find your sliding glass door full of dog slobber, then you’ll want to use a paper towel or newspaper and vinegar to do a quick clean for your windows. When your windows are clear, it makes the whole house look sparkling.

4. A surplus of pet hair is a never ending story in our home. Perhaps you can relate? The one area that most of us forget is our baseboards. You may not need to worry about the abundance of fur, but if you do, take a towel with hot, hot, hot water and run it along the edge of your baseboards. Cleaning your walls makes a huge difference and can make the home look extra clean. If you have a housekeeper, have them assist you and add this to their cleaning tasks once a month.

5. Vomit is never a fun and fun item to clean, but it happens. You’ll want to clean this right away. Stomach acid can damage certain surfaces. Use a pet cleaner or make your own. Take a mason jar add 4 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar, Lemons sliced with peels left one, and H2O. This recipe is a natural cleaner that will help prevent stains where your pet may have gotten sick. With a little bit of luck, your pet’s messes will suffice until the maid gets there. But if your dog or cat isn’t that lucky then use these tips for quick clean ups. If there’s been damage was done, such as staining, or chewed furniture, etc., you may want to reach out to your home owner’s insurance for extra help.

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